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PvP in WoW Classic is structured around the Honor system, offering players unique titles and gear as they progress through the ranks. Players can gain Honor through participating in Battlegrounds, which are instanced areas requiring players to enter via portals at the battlefield location or queue with a Battlemaster in one of their faction capital cities.

Melee DPS

Warriors rank as one of the best melee classes for PVP largely because of their utility. Their fear immunity, damage over time spells, shielding and healing abilities, and crowd control makes them a deadly combo in battlegrounds. Rogues are also high on the DPS rankings thanks to their surprise burst damage and stealth capabilities. They can dish out a lot of controlled damage to stunned targets as well. Keeping up Slice and Dice as your highest priority while maintaining uptime on Eviscerate is crucial.

Priests are solid in PVP as well with their powerful single target damage and crowd control. Ret Paladins are a viable class in PVP as they offer fear immunity, good damage over time spells, and a solid crowd control build through the Hex of Weakness and Shadowguard racial perks. Hunters have a promising future with significant rune support for their evasion and kiting abilities. They can be hard to keep alive without a decent healer but their AoE damage through Raptor Strike and the ability to disarm enemies through Chimera Shot is promising.

Ranged DPS

Warriors, Warlocks, Rogues and Mages dominate PvP in Classic, to know more click here These ranged DPS classes deal damage from a distance while trading mobility for safety. However, they can be easily CCed or one-shot by heavily armored enemies. The best PvP class for the ranged DPS in WoW Classic is Subtlety Rogue, whose infamous Sap ability can quickly kill opponents and the self-healing effects of Vanish allow them to bounce back from defeat. The Honor system rewards players with a bounty of honor depending on how well they perform in PvP battlegrounds. This system also prevents faction griefing and severely punishes players that camp lower-level NPCs by lowering their PvP rank.


Healers are one of the most vital classes in PvP and there are many options for healers to pick from in WoW Classic. Priests are great healers in general, but are particularly robust in PvP thanks to their deep Holy talent tree, which offers abilities like Spirit of Redemption and Mana Tide Totem. Shaman are also fantastic healers, with the ability to supercharge their allied damage through Windfury Totem as well as offering disruption and burst healing through utility spells such as Purge, Earth Shock and Frost Shock. They can be very effective in PvP, especially if paired with a warrior for their excellent crowd control.

Regardless of which healer you choose, always remember that HKs (honorable kills) are the primary way that players earn honor in WoW Classic. The amount earned is based on the player’s rank and how much they have earned from HKs in the previous match. Hence, it is important that players always play in a group that will be able to earn HKs consistently.


In Classic, your PvP rating was determined by your overall performance. You would earn a certain number of rank points each week depending on how high you were in your bracket, which ranged from the bottom 0.8% to the top 2%. In order to get higher in PvP, you had to be active in it. If you did not participate in battlegrounds or other PvP content, you would slowly drop down your rank. Mages are one of the most versatile PvP classes in WoW. They can be great in World PvP, battlegrounds and duels with their damage, crowd control abilities and utility tools like Polymorph and Cannibalize. They are a glass cannon spec, however, with low Health pools and frequent mana breaks.

Mages can use the Gnome race, whose Expansive Mind racial gives them a boost to both damage and Mana. They can also benefit from the tier-4 Gear set in Zul’Gurub, the Bloodvine Garb sets and the upcoming set for Ahn’Qiraj (Phase 5). Stat priority for Mages is a bit different between PvE and PvP: Hit Rating drops down a little but Spell Penetration is important due to the presence of other players with resistances.


In WoW Classic, honor is earned by defeating enemy players in world PvP. Honorable Kills are weighted according to your opponent’s level, and are used to calculate your faction’s rank, which unlocks rewards. Mages have top tier damage and crowd control abilities, making them very difficult to pin down in battlegrounds.

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