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Debt Consolidation Loan Interest Calculator

When shopping for a loan, it’s important to consider all the costs. This online calculator helps you discover how much of your monthly payment is interest, as well as the total cost of the loan over its term. Enter a loan amount, an annual percentage rate and a repayment time frame in years or months to calculate your monthly payments and total interest owed. You can also enter a single extra repayment to see how it will impact your loan.

Delinquency Rate

The delinquency rate measures the percentage of loans within a loan portfolio that are more than 30 days past their due date. This figure can be used by lenders and investors to assess the health of a loan portfolio and identify potential problems. Individual lenders have different policies regarding when they consider a loan to be delinquent, but most lenders consider a 연체자대출 after 60 days. Once a loan becomes delinquent, the lender will usually hire third-party collection agencies to try to recover the payment. If the loan cannot be recovered, it may eventually be written off by the lender.

High delinquency rates can make it difficult for borrowers to obtain loans. In the housing crisis, for example, many people were unable to secure mortgages because lenders introduced stricter lending standards. This reduced the number of qualified borrowers and slowed the recovery of the housing market. In addition, high delinquency rates can lead to the restriction of credit for certain types of borrowers.


The APR, or annual percentage rate, is a number that includes both the amount of interest you pay and any fees. It’s typically found on credit card statements or listed in your cardmember agreement. Use the online calculator to find out how much interest you’ll owe after a payment becomes overdue. You’ll need to know your starting loan balance, your payment frequency and the daily late interest rate in place when the debt became overdue.

The calculation works differently for amortized loans with a lump sum due at bond or loan maturity, such as commercial or short-term loans. In these cases, the total loan principal is divided by the number of payments, and each month’s payment is allocated between the principal and interest. Some lenders may also add an origination fee, which is subtracted from the total loan amount and reduces your interest payments. You can see the effect of adding an origination fee in this calculator by selecting the option.

Late Payment Fee

When calculating late payment fees, it’s important to understand how interest is compounded. To calculate the monthly late payment fee, you’ll first need to determine your annual interest rate. Once you’ve determined this, simply divide it by 12 to determine the monthly rate. Then multiply the monthly rate by your total outstanding balance to find your monthly late payment charge.

In addition to your late payment fees, you may be able to charge a penalty interest rate for late payments made after the due date on an invoice, provided that this was specified in the invoice terms. This online calculator allows you to quickly calculate the amount of simple daily interest owed on an overdue invoice by entering the days late, invoice value, and your statutory interest rate. Encourage prompt payments by incorporating your statutory late payment fees into your invoice reminders. If you’re looking for a tool to help you automate your calculation and add late payment charges to your invoices, check out our 14 day free trial of Satago.

Payoff Time

Using this 이자계산기, you can test out different loan repayment scenarios and see how much interest you could save by paying off your debt faster. Enter two critical pieces of information and get results in seconds. Lenders typically consider an account delinquent when it’s 30 days past due, but the specific point at which a loan becomes delinquent isn’t consistent across types of accounts and lenders. Some creditors have a grace period where they don’t charge late fees, while others work with third-party collection agencies to try to recover unpaid debts.

Whether you’re dealing with a credit card, mortgage, auto loan or student debt, the more you understand your options and how your choices affect your debt, the better. Try out this calculator and tinker with your monthly payment amount to find out what impact it might have on your loan payoff time. Then you can start to make smarter decisions about how you spend your money.

The Bottom Lines

Using this calculator will help you estimate how much your debt will cost over the course of your loan. You can also see how adding extra principal payments to your monthly payment will save you thousands of dollars in interest costs.

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